Bakery business “How did you start?”

Happy New Year!

Today, I wanted to talk about “starting the business”.

I am often asked about how I started SUZUYA. Even during this pandemic, pastry chefs I used to work with are looking for a location to open a bakery. It was very interesting to me that more people are looking into starting a bakery business during this pandemic.

In fact, when we decided to let our original location(Durango location) go, we found someone that wanted to take over the spot within a few days!!! They are already  getting ready to open their  bakery. So our first location will be another bakery very soon.

It was all very quick and I realized that many people are now trying to open their own business. I see a lot of individuals trying to create products and services and sell them on instagram or Facebook.

Personally, I really like the vibe of the passion. When someone asks, I try to answer how I started my business, SUZUYA.

I established SUZUYA in 2012, so it has been a little over 8years. Food business is very hard to survive. More than 60% won’t last the first year.  And 80% within 5years. That means SUZUYA is in the 20% of all food businesses that opened in 2012 that are still operating.

Of course, it wasn’t easy at all. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and still continuing.

In the next few blogs, I want to talk more about what I was asked by others and how I started SUZUYA . I am hoping that I can share my experience in what to do or not to do!


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