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A Symphony of Flavors, Community, and MemoriesCertainly!

At SUZUYA, we believe in inclusivity and evolution. While we’re excited about our gluten-free delights like macarons, custard pudding, yuzu panna cotta, and the seasonal Ichigo Daifuku, we’re always listening to our patrons’ desires. The idea of a gluten-free cake is on our horizon, but until then, we cherish the joy our existing treats bring.

One of the most heartwarming aspects of our work is witnessing customers transform into cherished regulars. These relationships, built over consistent visits, mutual smiles, and shared stories, embody the essence of SUZUYA. Regulars like Alex, who after being away for a while, found comfort in our classic custard cream puff, remind us that our classics are timeless.

With the onset of the school season, we’re geared up to be the go-to spot for both students and professionals alike. Our cafe, open from 7 am to 4 pm, offers a resplendent menu and a cozy ambiance, making it perfect for early morning snacks, post-school indulgences, or even study sessions.

Innovation is our middle name. Our chefs are always at the forefront, experimenting with seasonal ingredients to curate daily specials. Yet, amidst the new, we cherish and continue to serve our beloved classics. This balance of old and new was evident when a couple, initially met with limited choices on their first visit, were greeted with a cornucopia of options the next time. Their feedback was a testament to the SUZUYA experience – always worth the journey.

Coffee enthusiasts have reasons to rejoice. Our unsweetened cappuccinos, which let the natural sweetness of steamed milk shine, are a hit. And for those seeking to recreate the SUZUYA coffee magic at home, our red rock espresso blend is now available, thanks to our longstanding partnership with Frankly Good Coffee.

Lastly, at SUZUYA, we’re not just about pastries. We’re about moments. Moments like Cyurille’s 93rd birthday, which her family chose to celebrate with us. Such instances make us realize that we’re not just serving food; we’re crafting memories.

So, come be a part of the SUZUYA family. Where every treat is a tale, and every visit is a cherished memory.

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