Chocolate cake
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Rich and adequately sweet chocolate cake. Does it exist?

Yes, it does. Once you try or if you’ve had our Chocolate cake before, that is exactly what your answer would be. 

Another favorite amongst our customers and team members, Suzuya Patisserie and Cafe’s chocolate cake is definitely something to try. Layers and layers of frosting made from  high quality chocolate, and thinly sliced chocolate sponge cake brushed with rum syrup make it ultimately rich and sweet without the need for additional sweetener. To top it all off, it is decorated with chocolate shavings and shards of chocolate-coated feuilletine. Very tempting, isn’t it? 

Not everything has to be complicated; at least at Suzuya. Something simple like this delectable treat does the trick. Maybe stop by today before we run out? Sounds like a plan!

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