Dog cafe

Puppy Latte

Hello! The weather is getting nicer out and our patio is being filled up more with customers.

Our patio still has less than half capacity according to NV government  protocol. Even though we follow the guideline strictly, at the same time the patio is still enjoyable with this beautiful weather. The patio is pet friendly and I see more customers are bringing their pets with them.

We love pets and actually our neighbor, South Buffalo Springs Animal Hospital, helped us set up this dog menu when we were  creating recipes. We wanted to make sure that we provide food for doggies that owner won’t need to worry about9i..

We want to be the cafe that you would love to have in your neighborhood ! I want to bring my dog for a walk and have a coffee break together. Isn’t that the best??!

We have the Puppy Latte , for free with purchase !! We ask your puppy name because  we want to write the name on the cup. We love to treat your pets, and you will have special quality time with them.

We also have peanut butter Sando and peanut butter strawberry shortcake on the dog menu.

If you are celebrating your doggies birthday, I highly recommend the peanut butter strawberry shortcake. They will have their own cake that’s safe for them to eat.

I hope you enjoy this perfect weather with your 4 legged friends at our pet friendly patio!

We open at 7am!!

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