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The best butter…

Good morning, Las Vegas!!

Hope you had a great weekend. We have been pretty busy at the shop since it was Labor Day weekend.

Today, I want to talk about my favorite ingredient called “brown butter”.

It is browned butter… as named. It is heated to caramelize the milk solids in the butter.

It concentrates the flavor by evaporating water, and gives a nutty flavor to the melted butter from the  caramelization.

At SUZUYA, we use brown butter for our crepes. Since the crepe only takes a short amount of time to cook on the crepe griddle(because it is very thin…), it doesn’t have enough time to caramelize butter much. Adding brown butter instead of regular butter, it gives flavor of nuttiness without having to bake a  long time.

Brown butter is used in many baking items, for example, pound cakes, Madelines, banana bread, cookies, and so on.

I highly recommend  to add brown butter to your baking recipes to any items that you want to give more flavor without adding other ingredients.

I also use it for cooking shrimp and scallops at home.


To make brown butter,

prepare a deep pan to avoid spilling while cooking.(it bubbles up a lot!)

put a few sticks of butter and heat over low to medium heat.

stir occasionally  until desired color, golden brown  or brown.

strain it to get rid of burnt particles.

You can keep it in the refrigerator for a long time.

Note: Please be careful not to burn yourself. The butter reaches a very high temperature!!

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