New! Hot Sando

Interviewer: Please let us know your Hot Sando menu and its varieties. How is the menu item that was added last month going?

Chef Mike: So we just started the Hot Sando menu. Everything kind of varies off the same base with the toast. We butter the bread and toast it with scrambled eggs with scramble and butter, a little bit of cheese. 

The first one is Morning, which is just a hot egg sandwich with a little bit of mayo and ketchup. And then we have the curry cheese, which is the Zen curry that we used for the curry toast last time, a little bit of our cheese mix, and then the scrambled eggs and a little bit of mayo. The next hot sandwich would be the Croque Madame, which we did a different version of Croque Madame, not the traditional fried egg on top. But again, we have the Bashamel sauce with a little bit of cheese, scrambled eggs, and mayo in that one. And following hot sandwiches, we have grilled cheese, which is pretty straightforward. We use Romano Mozzarella and grilled cheese inside. You can add ham, bacon, or avocado, except for the Croque Madame, which already comes with ham. So you can either do avocado or bacon. You can switch the ham for bacon, which has been going well—also the grilled cheese. You can add either bacon or ham to it as well. They’ve been going pretty well so far. Haven’t necessarily seen any reviews, but we’ve been extremely busy this year. This time during the winter, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, is usually a little bit slower in dining because people are trying to save money for Christmas cakes. 

Interviewer: What occasions do you recommend enjoying Hot Sando? To whom would you recommend it?

 Chef Mike: Between two holidays, everybody got together for Thanksgiving and then a big feast and stuff, and then everybody’s getting back together again for Christmas. So there’s a little bit of a gap. But this year, we’ve stayed pretty busy with the new hot sandwich menu. 

Our cafe side has still been pretty busy, even though the preorder cakes have decreased slightly. But the cafe side is still pretty busy. We’re selling a lot of hot sando. We have a lot of customers take out, we didn’t feel like the previous Toast menu was really holding up well. Toast tends to get a little soggy if it sit. So we kind of changed this menu. It’s a little bit easier to eat with the enclosed sandwich instead of toast. 

Interviewer: What kind of drink goes well with Hot Sando?

Chef Mike: I think coffee and any of our coffees would go well. Americano would probably be pretty good. Especially during the winter season when it’s a little bit colder. I think that’s it for me.

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