Winter menu

Interviewer: Please let us know your recommended drink menu for this coming winter. What is your recommendation or special feature of those menus?

Chef Mike: All right, so recommended drink menu. So we still have a cider, the apple cider, and the apple spice tea running through Christmas or the end of the year, which I really enjoy those, especially the warm cider. It’s a nice warm drink. Little spice to it with the cinnamon. But always our regular teas are also very popular this time of year. I think the recommendation would be the apple cider and the apple spice teas.

Interviewer: Is there any recommended special holiday dessert?

We will also start doing our Christmas cookies and little treats pretty soon. We did the Snickerdoodles already and packaged them in a nice little Christmas-type packaging. A little box with a Christmas tree on it.

I’m sure you’ll see pictures of those soon. And we’re going to start doing some sugar cookie special sugar cookies. And also nougat, which I guess is my favorite thing. That’s the thing I do every year. And bless you. So a few other little snacks, little cookies, and little nice little package gift boxes of some different items we’ll have available this year. Starting soon, we’re going to try and get those up and running kind of before the craziness of the Christmas-time winter Christmas time hits.  

Interviewer: Are they time limited? If so, from when to when? Do we need a pre-order?

Chef Mike: So everything will be limited for the Christmas cookies. We make as much as we can. Once we sell out, we’ll be sold out with our holiday. I guess at the end of the year, we’re only going to have a limited amount of things. We don’t want to bring a lot of extra items and a lot of things that we aren’t going to be able to use after Christmas. So we would like to kind of sell out of those items, but we also make as much as we can those things any occasion this time of year, Christmas time, and everybody’s home for like winter breaks from school.