It’s the holiday season at Suzuya

Interviewer: Please let us know your recommended sweets for this winter?

Chef Mike: The sweets we start doing for Christmas, we’ll be doing our Christmas cookies and nougat this year. So we have little packages set up, little boxes for Christmas decorations that look like little ornaments, and cute little packaging for those. So we’ll start doing those in December. Those will only be for in-store purchases. 

Interviewer: Are they time-limited? If so, from when to when?

 Chef Mike: Only limited quantities are available. Most of the holiday items are limited. We try to make as much as possible, but we are kind of just limited with the number of regular orders that we have. 

Interviewer: What occasions do you recommend enjoying thoes sweets?

Chef Mike: So we have a lot of people buying cakes for, like, work meetings or parties as well. But mostly people purchase Suzuya cakes for family dinner or friend gatherings. Many people come back to Las Vegas for holidays.

Interviewer: What drinks do you recommend to have with it?

Chef Mike: Drinks. I think we’ve been selling a lot of hot chocolate and milk because the past few weeks since the weather got cold, so we’re selling a lot more of the hot drinks. We make our own hot chocolate or make our own chocolate milk, which we then turn into hot chocolate. And people tend to navigate toward hot drinks. So we sell a lot of tea, and coffee this time of year. We still do have apple cider. Those drinks will probably be available through December. We close for the holidays, and that’s another nice warming drink for the cold weather.

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