Strawberry Shortcake

Birthday Cake

Interviewer: Strawberry Shortcake for a Birthday cake is the most popular on the menu. It’s also the best cake in Las Vegas. What do you think of its popularity? 

Chef Misuzu: Why it’s popular is I think that it’s just because it’s a strawberry shortcake. Everybody loves strawberry shortcakes, and it has strawberries on the top. Everybody loves strawberries. 

Interviewer: It looks good in your birthday photo too, right? 

Chef Misuzu: Yes. The color Red and White is attractive. 

Interviewer: I like that, and it also tastes good. What sizes are available for the Strawberry Shortcake? 

Chef Misuzu: We have 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch rounds. We also have a quarter sheet size.

Interviewer: How many people for each size? 

Chef Misuzu: The 4-inch cake will serve about 2-4 people. The 6-inch cake will serve about six people. The 8-inch cake will serve about ten people, and a quarter sheet will serve about 20 people. 

Interviewer: Ok, sounds good. Do you have any recommendation points for the Strawberry Shortcake? 

Chef Misuzu: Yes. It’s that everything is fresh. Freshness is our strength. The whipped cream is freshly made in the morning with our favorite vanilla from Tahitian Gold Co., so our whipped cream is very light and not too sweet. The sponge cake is also freshly made in-house. The contrast of cream and fresh strawberry, sponge cake, and a little bit of Kirschwasser scent complete the shortcake. It’s really good. I always go back and eat it. It’s my favorite. 

Interviewer: What special ingredients do you use for the cake?

Chef Misuzu: For the sponge cake, we use really good-quality eggs. Sugar is from Japan, which is called Johakuto. Butter. We use the sugar called Trehalose. It’s a sweetener but also helps to stabilize the sponge cake. Heavy cream with vanilla in it. We make the syrup with Kirschwasser which is cherry brandy. And fresh strawberries. 

Interviewer: That all sounds very delicious. How long does the cake last in the refrigerator?

Chef Misuzu: We say it’s ok to keep it overnight. The next day should be ok. The soonest is the best. But I personally like to eat it the next day because everything is soaked up like sponge cake will soak up syrup and cream. I think that is the best time to eat. 

Interviewer: Final question. Can we add macaroons for a topping on the shortcake? 

Chef Misuzu: Well, I’m not sure about it. We haven’t done it for a while, but I would say No for now. We do that on cheesecakes, though. And we have macaroons that you can choose from and put on cakes on your own.
Interviewer: Ok, perfect. Good to know. Thank you!