Suzuya Thanksgiving Menu

Interviewer: What kind of desserts and cakes are you planning on selling for Thanksgiving this year? 

Chef Mike: This year, for the holidays, we still offer our regular cakes for pre-orders. We do have special pies for Thanksgiving. We do have Fuji Apple pies and Kabocha pies. 

Interviewer: Why did you decide to sell those menus for Thanksgiving?

Chef Mike: When we first opened Suzuya, it was Fall time, so Thanksgiving was the first holiday to come up. We figured making pies would be a good thing in Fall and as well as offering Japanese-style pies such as Fuji apple pies and Kabocha pies which has a little bit more flavor and better texture than a regular pumpkin pie.

Interviewer: When are you going to start selling those menus?

Chef Mike: We are going to start selling apple pies soon. We are discussing buying and selling apples early in the season, so we can see how the apples are this year. We will have it tested around this week and start selling some of them individual sizes. We just got the approval from the Health Department to sell the apple pies for grab-and-go. We can have some on display, so customers can just pick them up from the display. We will also start taking pre-orders for whole cakes. It will probably be closer to the holidays. We start out with in-store pickup only. 

Interviewer: Do you sell holiday gifts for Thanksgiving?

Chef Mike:  Yes, for holiday gifts, we do small things like we will start doing our apple spiced stick noodles pretty soon, in which we use butter and the remains from the apple. We don’t generally take pre-orders for that, so just pick up. We try to do some different specials each year like Kabocha cream puffs or Kabocha cheesecakes, things like that. We offer those mostly as in-store specials. We don’t take pre-orders for those.

Interviewer: I heard you published your own recipe for Kabocha Bread Pudding. Is it good for a homemade Thanksgiving menu?

Chef Mike: We did a small Kabocha bread pudding last year at the shop. We published the recipe on our website. That is actually a good recipe for the holidays. It’s a good recipe to make to serve certain people like family. So you can make it home for your family, or you can also buy it at Suzuya.

Interviewer: Does Suzuya close on Thanksgiving?

Chef Mike: Yes, we close on Thanksgiving on Thursday and Black Friday (11/24 and 11/25) just to give us a little time to spend with family and take a little break. We will be back in the kitchen on Friday, preparing for the busy weekend. 

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