Suzuya Fall Menu

Interviewer : We will have upcoming fall and winter events such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New year! What kind of special/limited menus will be up this year? 

Chef Mike : We usually don’t have pre-order menus for Halloween. The day or a few days before that, they’re going to start doing some related work, like making pies or cream puffs and kinds of Halloween stuff, decorating the shop. We don’t usually make special cakes for that, but then Thanksgiving is coming up shortly after that. We do Fuji Apple pies and Kabocha pies, which will be available in-store and pre-orders as well. They are pretty popular, especially the Fuji Apple pie. We usually start taking pre-orders in the first week of November for Thanksgiving to seven days before the holiday. We are usually closed on Thanksgiving itself, there is a black Friday, but we will keep it posted on the schedule. So, we encourage people to pick it up the day before, holiday cakes and pies. We are currently developing our menus for Christmas. That one takes a lot of planning. We usually try doing two or three different specials for Christmas, like Christmas decorated cakes. We are probably going to bring back Mont Blanc for Christmas. That’s another very, very popular item for Christmas, so we try to put that on the menu as much as possible. We start taking orders for Christmas around the first of the month, right after Thanksgiving, just to give people time to plan everything out. You know it’s kind of a crazy time for most people between major holidays like that. 

Interviewer : Do we need to place a pre-order for those menus? 

Chef Mike : We really encourage you to pre-order all the holiday items, especially when it gets closer to the day, especially Christmas. We make so many cakes for pre-orders. We can do over 200 pre-orders each, so it’s really limited to what we can make for walk-ins. So please plan ahead and pre-order. 

Interviewer : Are you planning any special events related to those holidays?

Chef Mike : We don’t really plan to have any events. For us, it’s a little bit difficult to plan such one-day events because we get so busy doing normal business with the extra items, holiday items. But we will have special items; even besides the actual Christmas cakes and Thanksgiving pies, we will try to do some other specials for store pickup. 

Interviewer : How can we get information about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas menus? 

Chef Mike : The best way is to check our website, but also keep an eye on our Instagram. In the store, we usually have signs for those. On Instagram, we usually post about specials coming out when we start taking orders. Our website has pretty much all the information. We cannot take so many calls a day, so we encourage you to go to the website to get the information. Or you can come into the store and ask questions in person or for help with ordering. 

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