Halloween Special Menu 2022

Interviewer: Spooky time is coming soon! Do you have Halloween special menus? If so, what kind of menu are they? And When will they be available? 

Chef Mike: Halloween special menus. We’re working on the Goma cream puff and the ghost mochi. We had a couple for sale today, so we are working on finalizing the recipe so that they will be available soon. The ghost mochi was available today. The cream puff will probably be a little bit later next week or so. Kind of closer to the holiday. 

Chef Misuzu: Kabocha items; I’m working on them tomorrow or the day after. Maybe Kabocha cheesecake and Kabocha pudding. 

Chef Mike: We’re just testing the Kabocha to see the flavor right now. Still a little bit early in the season. 

Chef Misuzu: I actually roasted yesterday and made a paste. 

Interviewer: Can we wear Halloween costumes and visit Suzuya to buy treats? 

Chef Mike: Yes, you can wear Halloween costumes to Suzuya if you’d like. Although we ask that you keep it family-friendly. 

Interviewer: Do we need a pre-order for Halloween special menus? 

Chef Mike: The Halloween special menu items; we won’t have them available for pre-order. Most of them will be for in-store purchases only, like the mochi and the cream puffs. Once we do have the Kabocha cheesecake going, that’ll kind of be more of their Thanksgiving specials. That will be available later on. But most of the Halloween items will be more first come, first serve in-store. 

Interviewer: Should we post the Halloween special menus with #halloweenatsuzuya on Instagram?
Chef Mike: Yes, you can post Halloween special menus with the #halloweenatsuzuya on Instagram or whatever you post stuff on. We appreciate it and always enjoy seeing people’s pictures with what they do with our items and their setups on their tables and things like that, parties and events.

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