Suzuya’s Valentine’s Special 2023

Interviewer: Do you have any special drinks for Valentine’s Day in 2023? 

Chef Mike: We have Valentine’s cake already set that goes well with hot chocolate. 

We make our own chocolate milk chocolate recipe. We don’t use any mixes, so we heat up the cream and milk with whole chocolate. And it has a really good chocolate flavor to it. We also use that in our mocha for the coffee drinks. 

Those would be the drinks I’d recommend for Valentine’s Day.

Interviewer: Please tell us about Valentine’s Day sweets.

Chef Mike: We have Valentine’s cake which is a version of rare cheesecake with strawberries, strawberry cream, and a little special Valentine’s plaque on top. 

We will also have some other small pastries we usually do, some Valentine’s Day macarons or special cream puffs. Since Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday this year, we are planning on taking the cake pre-orders from the Friday before. 

Some of the special pastries will be on the weekend, but we might save some of them just for Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Just something special just for that day so people can get it. I’m sure we’re going to have everything posted on our social media when we make some of these items.

Our new chef, Chef Miyuki been on top of the holiday specials, and she worked on Valentine’s Day as well. She makes handmade marshmallows for decoration and some handmade chocolates.

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