About Suzuya Patisserie

Interviewer: Where is Suzuya Cafe located? Is it near Desert Marketplace in Las Vegas?

Chef Misuzu: Yes. We are located in the one part of the corner, right now, where the big shops are. It is nearby Durango Casino & Resort and on Warm Spring Dr. If you are in a marketplace, go Warm Spring Dr to the east, and then the next ride will be a buffalo. There are seven-eleven at the corner. It looks like a three-minute drive, so it’s a perfect place.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to open Suzuya Cafe in Spring Valley?

Chef Misuzu: So when I first started this business, I did delivery service one by one for my friends and the friends of a friend. They wanted to have a Japanese cake. During the experience, I had a lot more orders from that area. So, I decided to have a shop in Spring Valley. Our current location is buffalo. We do not want to leave entirely from that area, so we stay in because we know customers there already.

Interviewer: How did you get inspiration for Suzuya cafe’s interior and exterior design?

Chef Misuzu: I wanted Suzuya to be for every age, from babies to seniors, because everyone has a birthday, and our cake can be for the birthday. We wanted a welcome-like environment that is neutral looking to all ages, not just for young people. That’s what I’m going for.

Interviewer: Very nice! How are Suzuya Cafe services different, or how is the cafe different from other Cafe sets around?

Chef Misuzu: We are Japanese style. We make a crape and some sand-toasts of Japanese influence. We are a relaxing and laid-back cafe, I think.

Interviewer: And most of your foods are made to order.

Chef Misuzu: Yes, from scratches. We even make Shokupan for sand and toast in-house. And crepes too, from our floor.

Interviewer: Amazing. And are we able to reserve the Cafe spot spaces for special events such as birthday parties?

Chef Misuzu: Currently no, but we did have some small events. It would depend on the size, but for the birthday party, our place would be small.

Interviewer: And can we take our pets to Suzuya Cafe?

Chef Misuzu: Off Course. The patio area is OK to bring your pets.

Interviewer: Great! And if I am traveling out of the state or country, where is Suzuya in proximity to the Strip Hotel?

Chef Misuzu: If you are driving from the strip, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Mostly you can use a highway, so it goes pretty smooth. Go south I-15 to take 215 and west to get off on Buffalo. We were the first rights from the 215 exit.

Interviewer: What kind of occasion do you recommend using Suzuya Cafe for?

Chef Misuzu: I think it is just more about relaxing the breakfast. Especially right now, it’s a little bit hot to be on the patio during the daytime, but early morning is lovely. If you’re going to bring your doggy, we are welcome. If you have a breakfast date, it is a great place. And some people held meetings for their business.

Interviewer: I love that, so it’s like an excellent first date kind of a location.

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