Interviewer: What is Hinamatsuri and what inspired the strawberry rolled cake?

Chef Misuzu: Hinamatsuri is a day for young girls. The theme color is pink to me. Traditionally pink, yellow, and green are used for the color of Hinamatsuri, so when I make the cakes for the festival, I always consider and focus on the color combinations. I would like to have something to represent that it’s a Japanese festival, so I put the logo “Hinamatsuri” in Japanese. Even though it is a small occasion, I really like that people enjoy and celebrate the day.

Interviewer: I love it! Is that a sponge cake like a classic Suzuya sponge cake rolled with strawberries and cream?

Chef Misuzu: It is actually a chiffon cake. It’s even fluffier and lighter than sponge cake. It has whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and the pink cream on the top of the cake is strawberry whipped cream. We cut the strawberries diagonal to make them look like flowers and put pistachios as greens.

Interviewer: It’s very beautiful! So the strawberries represent flowers and the pistachios are like the flowers’ leaves! I love it!! What is your favorite part about making the strawberry-rolled cake?

Chef Misuzu: I know it’s for the customers but we all are really excited about creating new stuff because it is a seasonal cake. The rolling part of the task is actually fun like making a sushi roll!

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