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Kabocha Bread Pudding




Half&Half 500g
Granulated Sugar 155g
Egg Yolks 6 each (120g)
Whole Egg 2 each (100g)
Mayer’s rum 2Tbsp
Vanilla Extract 1/2tsp
Pumpkin Spice 1Tbsp
Rosted Kabocha 500g
Bread About 250g-300g
Dried Cranberry 40g
Unsalted Butter 60g
Sugar 30g
Brown Sugar 15g
Salt 1/8tsp
Pumpkin Spice 1/4tsp
Flour 100g
important note

I love making this dish for Thanksgiving dinner. I make it a day ahead and let it soak. When the family started to arrive, start heating up the oven, then baking. Or you can bake it ahead of time than warm it up to serve! It takes 1.5 hours to bake but I could set up other dishes or interacting people and have some dinner in the meantime. I use lower heat for a long time to bake because I would like even and silky custard. When It is baked, let the oven off, leave it in the oven until you serve. Keep it warm and let the guest sense aroma!! It is the perfect party dessert! It serves about 10-12 people. Serve warm! Use a spoon or spatula to scoop it to serve on the plate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!! 


Roast Kabocha in the oven. Wash, cut, take out seeds. Cover with foil. 400F for about 45 min -1 hour. When Kabocha is cool enough to touch, peel the rind.


Making the Custard mix (half & half) but adding all ingredients into Vitamix and blend.


Lay out bread and Cranberry, and let it soak with the mixture. Wrap and rest it in the refrigerator.


Making the streusel. Mix all ingredients except for flour. Creaming method is incorporating air by grinding mixing sugar into butter.

additional note

When the mixture get a bit fluffy, the color get a bit whiter since air is incorporated. 


Then fold the flour just and mix until you won’t see the flour. Let it rest in the refrigerator plastic wrapped.

additional note

After mixing the flour, It should look crumbly. 


Take out the dish made about 30min to 1hour ahead to bring the temperature close to room temp. This will make evenly baked. Top with streusel and sliced Kabocha (egg washed), then bake.

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