Suzuya’s Desserts for this Spring

Interviewer: Do you have any dessert recommendations for this Spring?

Chef Mike: We have the Hinamatsuri special, which is going to be on pre-order soon. There’s a rare cheesecake with Sakura jelly for girls’ day.

And we are also working on Matcha Gateau Chocolate for St. Patrick’s Day which we’ll have that special probably the week before up until St. Patrick’s Day. This is green tea and white chocolate cake. It’s kind of like a denser texture, more like a brownie kind of texture with a good green tea flavor and the cream on top.

And other spring desserts, big news. We have the Ichigo daifuku starting this weekend. It will be very limited for the first couple of months while we wait for some products to come in fully. As I said, the numbers will be limited and limited per each customer can order at one time. They won’t be available for pre-order, just what we make in-store. But first come, first serve. 

Interviewer: Thank you!