Pastry Party Pack

Interviewer: For today’s interview, it would be the pastry party pack. Why do you want to start this pastry party pack in the first place?

Chef Mike: It allows people to try out new things. Many consumers like getting their hands on such products for the first time and seeing them through. They’ll grab and take some of the others for the decision-making process, but you’ll notice an item with a few various options, stuff like that. So they may take these items with them on their lunch break and for other uses. On the other hand, it assists consumers in choosing special holiday gifts, family gatherings, and giving away gifts for colleagues, among other things. I believe it is a fantastic approach for them to participate in business parties and get-togethers. They will not be required to collect certain objects. People still have the ability to alter the inside. Our brand exposure grows thanks to the pastry party pack. People that bring items may not realize that we offer things like sandwiches, so we show them a small sampling of what we have.

Interviewer: Yes, sharing different items from this party pack with your friends, family, and coworkers is a great idea. We know that consumers have already set their preferences. They always order the same thing at your Cafe and never try anything else, therefore this is a chance for them to sample other pastries. Tell us about the products in your pastry party pack in greater detail. What type of pastries do you make or what new products from the bundle can we try?

Chef Mike: Sandwiches, I believe, are the ones we have at the moment. At the time, there are just two varieties available. We plan to add additional varieties in the following months. We are finally able to bake more bread and other components for dishes like fruit sandwiches. For smaller dishes such as cream puffs, we may alter the circus seasonally to add a little more variety. Once we have more goods, we can routinely add new flavors, such as strawberry and regular foods with other things, as well as Yuzu, which is my favorite item to utilize.

Interviewer: That’s fantastic. So they may sample a variety of sandwich varieties. And you’ve got tuna. You’ll also have the salad sandwich, as well as more fruit sandwiches in the future. Do you think this party pack would be ideal for a large group of people?

Chef Mike: It will be great to share the party pack with 4 to 6 people; we will have a total of 12 products in a party pack.

Interviewer: Okay, this package would be best shared by a party of four to six people or more. Depending on your appetite, you might be able to obtain a little more with one Sandwich pack. I’m going to try one taste as well as a few others. So, what’s your favorite item from the party pack?

Chef Mike: If four people split it, each person can sample three distinct flavors. And macarons are one of my particular favorites.

Interviewer: That’s fantastic! I’d like to give them a try at the store.

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