Interview: Delivery Services to Restaurants

Interviewer: We are going to have delivery in full swing soon, meaning that we will be able to deliver more than now we are. I wanted you to talk about delivery services to restaurants and how you are going to serve cakes to customers.


Chef Misuzu: In the future, we would like to offer a cake delivery service to the public, restaurants, and companies, and we’d prefer to serve them by ourselves rather than via third parties. We want to ensure that the cake is sturdy and will be delivered on time. We understand the value of commemorating birthdays and anniversaries for each participant, which is why we strive to send them on time on our hands. Not only that, but by serving by ourselves, we would be able to accommodate each customer’s individual demands. When customers wish to commemorate their special events in restaurants, cakes are an essential element of the celebration. It will be a masterpiece on the table, with candles adding to the atmosphere. Because restaurants don’t normally bake cakes, we’re focused on producing a full-sized cake for them. We can transport cakes to restaurants instead of picking them up at Suzuya when they need them. For busy businesses that don’t have time to pick up cakes, this is a more convenient option.


Interviewer: That’s excellent, so when it’s somebody’s special occasion, a cake is a thing that you want to have at the party. Suzuya is providing fresh cakes every time for these customers at restaurants from start to finish.


Chef Misuzu: Yes, especially for customers, when people want to buy a cake, they are mostly buying them as a gift. We ask customers if the cake is for a surprise, so we try our best to deliver cakes on time.

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