Local Las Vegas Community Event

Interviewer: What kind of desserts were there? What kind of people and what was the camaraderie like?

Chef Misuzu: We chose 5 kinds of desserts, such as Macarons, Tiramisu, and Mille crêpes, which is my favorite, Ichigo Daifuku (Strawberry mochi with red bean),  and chocolate cake.

We wanted to highlight how we use chocolate for our classic chocolate cake because the company was also there where we buy chocolate from.

We also display the Ichigo Sando (Strawberry dessert sandwich), which is our future new item so we wanted to show our homemade bread to local businesses. 

Most of the people there were executive pastry chefs in Las Vegas and I really had a good time meeting those hard-working people who have the same passions. 

Interviewer: That’s great!

What were some of the feedback that you got from the people that attended?

Was there a lot of creativity talk between other local pastry chefs?

How was the conversation?

Chef Misuzu: Seems like everyone knows people there already except us. 

I tried to meet as many pastry chefs as possible. 

We talked about hiring as well, how they are doing and how difficult it is to find the right people now, especially during a pandemic because we all experienced hard times.

Most people there acknowledged us, such as long-term Suzuya fans or those people who heard our name before and wanted to try our products for a long time.

It was really nice to hear from professionals in the same industry that they know us, like our products, and share our stories.

Interviewer: That’s awesome that you created a community in the base that people have in mind, especially pastry chefs who were so diligent to come together and create a space.

I’m so happy to hear about your Sweet Table × Suzuya Patisserie community event and we hope to hear about more community events in the future.

Chef Misuzu: Sounds great! About the event, I just got the email from the local calligraphy artist event called Sip and Script and we are considering if they can do the event at our place!

We have a liquor license that we haven’t used so would like to start selling Cocktails at the event!

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