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Choco Latte

Winter is an amazing time for comforting seasonal drinks. Our team at SUZUYA has made our own version of the beloved mocha latte, called by the front staff the “Choco Latte.” The rich, nutty flavor of Choco Latte is complemented by our espresso and topped by homemade whipped cream with a dusting of cocoa powder. Like the rest of our drinks, it is not overly sugary, but if you like to add a bit more sweetness, we recommend asking for a pump of our caramel, vanilla, or simple syrup. The Choco Latte truly encapsulates the cozy feeling of the winter season. It can even be served iced!

We can tell that this is becoming our customers’ favorite version of mocha when we keep running out of the chocolate base, (which we lovingly make from scratch). We hope you can try it before the season ends!

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