Starting Suzuya at Home

Interviewer: How do you determine your store’s menu? Do you have any meetings to list up the recipes and review them based on your taste?

Chef Misuzu: Yes. We change our menu every three months and update our recipes.

Interviewer: I see. How about your recipe videos?

Chef Misuzu: Yes! I know what kind of videos that I want to shoot. I hope I can learn more about taking the videos and understand the best way to take the videos.

Interviewer: Understood. Also, I think you will be busy until the end of the year. When do you want to start making the videos?

Chef Misuzu: That’s right, but I can do it here and there if I have time. If I try to do it again, it can be difficult. For example, the other day, we talked about how I can do a shot for sponge cakes because I make a sponge cake quite a lot every day. So I’m thinking of doing it the following week, but I was only thinking about it. If I could start making a plan, I would likely do something for next year.

Interviewer: In terms of location, now that we have a new kitchen. Is it easier to shoot there?

Chef Misuzu: I made bread puddings there, but there were a lot of things missing in the kitchen. For example, there was no vanilla. Besides, natural light comes in during the daytime. But it is not something that we can control. It is not a good idea to take pictures in the dark late in the afternoon or early in the morning when the sun is not out. So the shooting time is quite limited. I may not be able to make a lot of videos, but for the next few months, I can start reviewing the recipes for the website.

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