Suzuya Original green tea log cake

Interviewer: What is a log cake? 

Chef Misuzu: It looks like a log or a cylinder, and the end seems to be an annual ring of wood.

They go circle, and that’s we say “roll cake”, putting cream in the middle and then rolling it.

Interviewer: What’s your inspiration for this cake? What’s different from the previous one? Which parts did you update?

Chef Misuzu:  At the beginning of our Zuzuya’s history, Mike and I went to Japan for the first time in two to three years. Then, we just got so inspired by the trip that we found a green tea is as sensitive to oxidation and temperature as we thought. We used to have a green tea log cake with whipped green tea cream, however, simple cream changed its color a lot. Since that trip, we came up with green tea buttercream in order to protect its flavor. That is, we changed our whipped cream to buttercream. It was a success—buttercream functions as a seal to preserve the flavor of green tea. We get a nice greener color. We also applied it to green tea macaron.

Interviewer: Do you use matcha for Green Tea Log Cake? What kind of ingredients do you use for this dessert?

Chef Misuzu: Yes, we use matcha. You know It’s a powder version of green tea. The secret is temperature. It can’t be boiled water or too cool. The moderate temperature works very well to oxidize green tea flavor smoothly. So it’s nice to have a powder because we can get all the flavor into the pastry.

Interviewer: What size are you available? Do we need a pre-order to get Green Tea Log Cake?

Chef Misuzu: We offer four inches and eight inches. They are available every day, however, we still recommend pre-order to get your favorite size and make sure you get it on the day that you need it.

Interviewer: Awesome!