The Power of Connection: A Wholesome Tale from SUZUYA’s Phone Line

Hello, dear friends,

At SUZUYA, we value the connections we form with our patrons, whether it’s over a piece of cake at our counter or via a phone conversation. Today, we want to share a delightful anecdote from our daily operations, a story that underlines the power of small compliments and the friendships they spark.

The Tale of the ‘Cool Hair’ Compliment

One fine day, Jeremiah, one of our beloved team members, was handling the phone line. A customer called, inquiring about our signature strawberry shortcake. As the conversation progressed, the customer paused and asked, “Are you the guy with the cool hair?”

This unexpected compliment took Jeremiah by surprise, and we couldn’t help but notice him blush. Jeremiah is known for his unique hairstyle and was genuinely flattered that a customer recognized him for it.

A Shared Compliment

Coincidentally, our other team member, Angelica, had also been complimented by the same customer on a previous occasion. The customer had admired her hair during an in-store visit. Remembering this, Jeremiah playfully asked the customer, “Are you talking about me or Angelica?” Both had once complimented each other’s hair at the store, and this shared compliment became a common point of connection.

Building Friendships

This seemingly simple exchange over a phone call reflects the friendly and warm atmosphere we cultivate at SUZUYA. The customer, a regular at our café, slowly became friends with our team. It was such simple, kind gestures and compliments that sparked this lasting friendship.

More than just a Café

We like to think of SUZUYA as more than just a café. We are a place where conversations happen, friendships bloom, and community connections strengthen. Every phone call, every customer interaction, is a chance to build a relationship. And we’re grateful for the opportunity to form these connections.

Our story of Jeremiah, Angelica, and the ‘cool hair’ compliment is a testament to the strong bonds we share with our patrons. As we continue to serve you with our delightful treats, we look forward to creating more such memories and fostering a sense of camaraderie in our café.

Cheers to more friendships and ‘cool hair’ days!



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