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Sando: A Travel Essential

As the COVID restrictions are eased, we are now able to leave the four walls of our homes and travel to our favorite places. While we’re excited to get to our destination, the trip is something we also look forward to; and of course, who goes on a trip without food or snacks for the road? I dare say, no one.


For the regular customers of Suzuya Patisserie and Cafe, the favorite road trip essential is the Sando. Equally loved, the egg and tuna sandos are made with house-made mayo, and freshly baked shokupan. These sandos may be simple, but they’re so delicious and filling. They are also cut in half and packaged in a sealed plastic, making them convenient to store and to tear open especially when you’re going on a trip.


The Egg and Tuna sandos are made fresh and available daily at the cafe; grab some for the road and remember to bring a cooler if it’s going to be a long trip!

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