Mango Season

Our favorite kind of Mango is in season! We waited just for the right timing! 

As fruits come in season, the beginning of the season, when you start to see it at markets , usually doesn’t offer the best flavor. The middle of the season is always the best!! The end of season isn’t good timing either .

Every year, around this time, our favorite mango is ready. It has the flavor and texture we love! 

We found that over the years, our customers always requests mango throughout the year! So we make sure we make mango desserts. 

The last few years, we have been making Mango Mochi. It is very popular. 

This year, it will be only until next week, and we make only about a dozen  every day. At 1pm, they will show up in the showcase and first come first serve. 

After next week, Ichigo Daifuku will come back to replace mango mochi.  

Enjoy the limited seasonal item! 

We hope  that you get to try it while it lasts!

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