Sando-our new favorite –

Hi, it’s chef Misuzu!

I am so proud of our new packaged Sando. We had Egg Salad &Tuna Salad Sando on the menu since we opened our new location here on Buffalo. We just made them packaged so it is quick, grab and go snack(meal) for you!

We actually took a long time to figure how this works. It seems easy… just package them…however, we had to find a perfect look, and size package and also the ingredients list stickers that we had to get approved by the Southern Nevada Health District. At the beginning of the pandemic, setting up new items, or systems took more time than usual. Many companies were closed and packaging  shipments took a very long time(this packaging comes direct from Japan.. ) Probably everyone experienced shipping delays during the pandemic.

Anyways, we are hoping for you to grab coffee and Sando for your breakfast or lunch.  They are made with our homemade shokupan and filling, using our house made mayo. They are delicious !!

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