Suzuya’s Strawberry Millecrape

Interviewer: What is Strawberry Millecrepe?

Chef Mike: It’s a cake made out of crepes and strawberry cream. We add 16 layers of crepes and cream to make our millecrepe. 16 thin crepes stacked up with strawberry cream in between each layer. We make our strawberry cream from our homemade strawberry jam and whipped cream. 

Each thin crepes are about eight to nine-inch that we make it by hand. And as I said we use 16 crepes for each millecrepe, so it’s a bit labor intensive, making process plus layering each one. We layer each crepe down, spread the strawberry cream on each layer individually, and then the top layer is we glaze it with the light apricot glaze and adds snow sugar and raspberry powder on top to give it a nice little red accent, and then fresh strawberries as well. 

We also serve it with a strawberry balsamic sauce, which contains strawberry jam and balsamic vinegar. The flavor is nice, with a nice creamy texture in between the layers. Our crepe is a little bit chewier crepe, so it’s not very like a hard-style crepe. So you get a little nice little chewy texture with the cake as well. 

And we do two different sizes of strawberry millecrepe. The larger one, it’s 8.5 inches full size. And then we make a strawberry crepe cake, which is 4.5 inches and is made in a slightly different style. So, we don’t call the smaller one a millecrepe. The millecrepe comes from the mille, meaning 1000. So it’s supposed to be like 1000 layers, but we don’t do 1000 layers. But for the smaller one, we do a different version so it’s not stacked, but is made with our crepes in the same strawberry cream. And it’s folded in different ways to give it extra layers and texture on the inside.

Interviewer: Anything you wanted to add to that? Misuzu?

Chef Misuzu: Yeah. I think that the highlight of this cake is the texture when you put the fork in, you can see all the layers and then you can feel that the crepe is just cutting through and I think just enjoy the texture as well as the flavor. 

Interviewer: Perfect! Thank you.