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SUZUYA: A Sweet Start to the School Season

As the hustle and bustle of the school season begins, mornings at SUZUYA turn into a delightful hub of activity. We see a mix of regulars and new faces, some stopping by after school runs, others just to indulge in a bit of morning sweetness. No matter the reason, every visitor is welcomed with open arms and the promise of a delicious treat to kickstart their day.

One such moment that warmed our hearts occurred earlier today. A customer, having already picked up a sparkling yuzu drink, showed interest in our yuzu panna cotta. For those unfamiliar, this is a delightful and refreshing dessert that combines the zesty goodness of yuzu with the creamy tang of yogurt. Our guest decided to try it, and it’s safe to say she absolutely loved it!

Being a store that specializes in Japanese pastries and food, it brings us immense joy when we’re told that our offerings remind customers of Japan. Such interactions, like when a customer wanted to thank the owner personally, saying visiting SUZUYA felt like “coming home”, truly make our day.

But as we savor these moments, we’re also gearing up for the exciting season ahead. Fall is in the air, and our kitchen is buzzing with activity. With each passing day, our talented chefs surprise us with new creations, using the freshest seasonal ingredients. From spooky Halloween delights to heartwarming Thanksgiving specials, we’re sure our upcoming treats will add sweetness and warmth to your holiday celebrations.

On a side note, today the heavens opened up, bringing with them heavy rain and floods. While many sought refuge from the downpour, they found comfort in SUZUYA’s cozy ambiance. Our matcha latte, especially the one made with oat milk served hot, seemed to be the favorite choice. And though the rain might’ve dampened spirits outside, inside SUZUYA, the atmosphere was filled with warmth and cheer. One customer, drenched from the rain, didn’t let the weather stop her from getting her daily fix of extra hot oat milk matcha latte.

Here’s to many more shared moments, conversations, and, of course, delectable treats at SUZUYA. Come rain or shine, we’re here to add a touch of sweetness to your day!

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