Suzuya’s Easter special 2023

Interviewer: Do you have desserts recommendation for this April?

Chef Mike: So for April desserts, the only thing that we have is some items for Easter.

We had some little bunny and chick macarons and little carrot decorations on top of our signature strawberry shortcake for Easter. And those are pre-orders only. There will also be a Bunny Strawberry roll cake.

So we are kind of focusing a lot on the holidays now. Trying to do some more specials on the holidays. All the desserts we’re working on for each holiday are literally good. I’ve started running and everybody is very excited.

Another April special would be Ichigo Daifuku. Our inventory is very limited right now just because of getting products from Japan. Still a little tight. We hope maybe by the end of April we’ll be able to start increasing the numbers of each item a bit. Right now we’re only doing 20 daifuku a day. I think the first day, it sold out in like under a minute. So, many customers have been like, why only sell 20 a day? But right now, because of limited ingredients, we cannot make a lot a day. We hope eventually we can increase the numbers though.

We have also been working on some of the cafe menus like the Anko Butter Sando, trying to get some new things out there and some little things. 

Now that we have a new chef, Miyuki, and another new Chef on the way, we’re hopefully going to have a little bit more time to kind of do a few more things, new specials or new holiday items, or add items back on the menu. 

Interviewer: That’s awesome, perfect. I love that recommended desserts in April.

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