Suzuya Dog Treats

Interviewer: Tell us about the Suzuya dog treats, the latte, and snacks for dogs. 

Chef Mike: When we start looking at the place, we found that they set up a dog-friendly patio. 

We talked to the Veterinarian right next door that we want to produce safe dog treats.

We came up with the dog treats which contain all safe ingredients for dogs such as peanut butter, whip cream, and fresh strawberries. 

We brought our products over to the vet to make sure everything is ok for the dogs.

Our pet products are a  lot more popular To-Go.

Chef Misuzu:  I and Chef Mike used to have dogs before. We are dog lovers!

Interviewer: That’s so sweet!

Bring your dog to Suzuya and they hook it up with snacks!

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