Interview: Halloween Picture Contest and Fall Item

Interviewer: What are you looking forward to for the Halloween contest?

Chef Misuzu: It is to see how people decorate our cakes. I would like to see people are dressing up and putting our cakes in front.

Interviewer: I like that. In regard to the Halloween theme or, pastries, what do we have in store?

Chef Misuzu: We have kabocha Tokyo Cheesecake on hand, as well as kabocha pumpkin cream parfaits, kabocha purée puddings, apple pies, and apple spiced tea on the way.

Interviewer: Apple spiced tea sounds so good. What are your favorites, guys?

Chef Misuzu: The kabocha Tokyo cheesecake is my personal fave.

Interviewer: Do you know when it is going to be available?

Chef Misuzu: We already have these in stock, but we are not accepting pre-orders at this moment.

Interviewer: OK. How about chef Mike’s favorite?

Chef Mike: My favorite is apple pie.

Interviewer: Do you also like making pies?

Chef Mike: Yes, I enjoy baking pies, and my favorite part is rolling them out and shaping them. It tastes better when you use butters and Fuji apples. To avoid losing moisture, we sauté the apples until they resemble caramels then bake them together. It’s wonderful to have both fresh and cold apple pies.

Interviewer: I love that. I didn’t know there are so many processes behind the apple pie. What are your favorite things to make out of the fall collection, Ms. Misuzu?

Chef Misuzu: Making kabocha goods is something I like doing. We roast kabocha pumpkins in the oven until tender, then remove the skin and purée it with a pinch of cinnamon and sugar to accent out the flavor. In the kitchen, I enjoy the smells of spices and foods that match each other.

Interviewer: Are you both getting into the fall series?

Chef Misuzu: Yes, it is much cooler today in Las Vegas, approximately 65 degrees, and I believe the fall season has arrived.

Interviewer: We look forward to seeing the Halloween contest and all the pictures!

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