Suzuya Patisserie

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Interviewer: Strawberry Shortcake for a Birthday cake is the most popular on the menu. It’s also the best cake in Las Vegas. What do you think of its popularity?  Chef Misuzu: Why it’s popular is I think that it’s just because it's a strawberry shortcake. Everybody

Suzuya Sandos are not your regular everyday sandwich. Our customers seem to notice that fact, rightfully so!  Made with love, and fresh. Every morning, our hard-working chefs craft these beautiful pieces of bread. It’s almost as if they are sandwiching jewels.  On most days, strawberries are crowned,

Welcoming the dessert of the summer, our mango mochi is simple yet delectable.  With a fresh slice of mango coated with apricot glaze and wrapped with Japanese rice dough and mochi, this dessert will have you return for more.

Imagine being greeted by a rainbow every time you enter our patisserie. That rainbow is our very colorful selection of macarons. Whether it's one piece or a whole box, no regrets shall be left as you bite down. Suzuya prides itself on a wide variety of