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  • Patio project

    Patio project

    Good morning!How was your Thanksgiving? We had very busy days making Fuji Apple pies, Kabocha Pumpkin pies,  and cakes! In the first few years after we opened SUZUYA, we only made pies for Thanksgiving. However, our customers asked for our regular cakes too!! It was very surprising for us, because we thought everyone wants to…

  • Pies


    Hello!! I would like to talk about our seasonal pies if you have never had them.   I noticed, as I spend time more in the United States, pies are a more traditional dessert here. American families are more used to eating pies, especially on holidays, but also as everyday desserts. I say this because, since…

  • Autum: the season for food

    Autum: the season for food

    Good morning! It is Chef Misuzu! It is still pretty hot, however I could tell the best season in the year is coming right around the corner!!   Every year, around this time, our seasonal pies are added to our regular menu. Even though this tradition is every year, my team and I try recipes…