Happy New Year! Welcoming a new year always comes with its adversities - as difficult as it may be, Suzuya kindly opens our doors for everyone to celebrate. As most often say, “Out with the old. In with the new.” In our kitchen, we make

Interviewer: Do you have any special drinks for Valentine’s Day in 2023?  Chef Mike: We have Valentine's cake already set that goes well with hot chocolate.  We make our own chocolate milk chocolate recipe. We don't use any mixes, so we heat up the cream and milk

Interviewer: What kind of year was 2022 for Suzuya? What kind of year do you want 2023 to be for Suzuya? Chef Mike: 2022 was kind of a growth year for us. Had some turnover staff and brought in Chef Miyuki.  So I think we learned a

Interviewer: Please let us know your recommended sweets for this winter? Chef Mike: The sweets we start doing for Christmas, we'll be doing our Christmas cookies and nougat this year. So we have little packages set up, little boxes for Christmas decorations that look like little

Interviewer: Please let us know your Hot Sando menu and its varieties. How is the menu item that was added last month going? Chef Mike: So we just started the Hot Sando menu. Everything kind of varies off the same base with the toast. We butter

Interviewer: Please let us know your recommended drink menu for this coming winter. What is your recommendation or special feature of those menus? Chef Mike: All right, so recommended drink menu. So we still have a cider, the apple cider, and the apple spice tea running

Interviewer: Please let us know your recommended sweets menu for the winter season! Chef Mike: So we're coming up on Thanksgiving, where we have our Fuji apple pie and Kabocha pies. Those, as well as our Kabocha cheesecakes.  Interviewer: What is your recommendation or special feature of

Interviewer: Apple season is coming! Why did you make this drink menu?  Chef Mike: So we started doing these bottled drinks two years ago, trying to think of ways we can optimize the kind of ingredients we had and different things we have at the shop.

FAQ: I forgot to pre-order my cake 48 hours in advance. Can I get a cake today or tomorrow?  Chef Mike: So, for all the preorders, we do need 48 hours' notice. We do have cakes available in store for purchase every day. We can't hold

Interviewer: Spooky time is coming soon! Do you have Halloween special menus? If so, what kind of menu are they? And When will they be available?  Chef Mike: Halloween special menus. We're working on the Goma cream puff and the ghost mochi. We had a couple