Interviewer: Today, we want to talk about the cake that you're bringing out for children's days. What exactly is Children's day? Chef Misuzu:  It is on May 5 and we call the day in Japanese “Kodomo no Hi”.  This celebration is more for boys to wish for

Interviewer: What kind of desserts were there? What kind of people and what was the camaraderie like?Chef Misuzu: We chose 5 kinds of desserts, such as Macarons, Tiramisu, and Mille crêpes, which is my favorite, Ichigo Daifuku (Strawberry mochi with red bean),  and chocolate cake.We

Interviewer: Tell us about the Suzuya dog treats, the latte, and snacks for dogs. Chef Mike: When we start looking at the place, we found that they set up a dog-friendly patio. We talked to the Veterinarian right next door that we want to produce safe dog

Interviewer: Tell us about this Easter cake and kind of like what inspired it and how do we make these cute ears? Chef Misuzu: Cute ears are made of white chocolate. When I was looking at the coconut chiffon cake, it was perfect and just looked like