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  • Patio project

    Patio project

    Good morning!How was your Thanksgiving? We had very busy days making Fuji Apple pies, Kabocha Pumpkin pies,  and cakes! In the first few years after we opened SUZUYA, we only made pies for Thanksgiving. However, our customers asked for our regular cakes too!! It was very surprising for us, because we thought everyone wants to…

  • Sando-our new favorite –

    Sando-our new favorite –

    Hi, it’s chef Misuzu! I am so proud of our new packaged Sando. We had Egg Salad &Tuna Salad Sando on the menu since we opened our new location here on Buffalo. We just made them packaged so it is quick, grab and go snack(meal) for you! We actually took a long time to figure…