Interviewer: What about crepes? Can you tell us a history of crepes? Chef Mike: Crapes are the best way to describe this kind of like a thin pancake. Usually, it is made without any ingredients like pancakes so that they keep thinner. There are a few different

Interviewer: What’s about Shokupan / Japanese Milk Bread? Chef Misuzu:  It’s a white bread that we ate every day, like really basic bread that goes with everything. Interviewer: Which menu do you use Shokupan? Chef Misuzu:  It is Sandos and toasts, and we also sell Shokupan as a

Interviewer: What is a log cake?  Chef Misuzu: It looks like a log or a cylinder, and the end seems to be an annual ring of wood. They go circle, and that's we say "roll cake", putting cream in the middle and then rolling it. Interviewer: What's your