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matcha scone




☆ Pastry Flour 200g
☆ Matcha 20g
☆ Baking Powder 2 tea spoon
☆ Salt 1/2 tea spoon and 1/4 tea spoon
☆ Granulated Sugar 50g
Chocolate Chip 70g
Chilled Egg Yolk One each
White Chocolate Chip 50g
Chilled Heavy Cream 140g
Chilled Unsalted Butter 50g
important note

Sometimes, Pastry Flour is hard to find. Pastry Flour can be All purpose flour. It will have a bit tougher in texture but no problem. Matcha powder should be not sweeten. Over mixing will result in making the scone cakey. In order to have the signature flakiness, unsalted better, heavy cream and egg yolk should be chilled until ready to use. Matcha is one of the most sensitive ingredients I have ever baked. Matcha should be kept air tight containers and cool temperature. Matcha can oxidized and change in flavor. Rather keeping finished product, keep the dough in the refrigerator upto 3days. Bake when you are ready to eat!


Sift all dry ingredients, Pastry Flour, Matcha, Granulated Sugar, Baking Powder, Salt (marked as ☆) together. Cut the Butter to small pieces and chill until ready to use.


Rub into the dry. Butter should be small flat pieces about half inches in size. Pinch and scrubbing using your finger. Do not order work.

additional note

Flakyness comes from the rough uneven butter pieces. Do not melt butter with your body temp.


Add Heavy Cream, Egg Yolk to the dry ingredient prepared in step 1 (marked as ☆), and butter mixture. Use a rubber spatula to mix, only to foam partially.


Add chocolate chips. The dough should look dry parts. Dump onto a flat surface and foam in one. Wrap in plastic. Rolled out about 1” thickness. About 6-7”diameter. Rest the dough in the refrigerator at least to 3 hours.

additional note

Do not knead.


Cut into 6 pieces. Brush heavy cream on top. Bake at 375F for about 20min. Bouncy at touch. I suggest you consume this scone within the same day to unto the next day. I like toasting when the baked scone is already cold or having it next day.

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