Month: March 2023

  • Suzuya’s Strawberry Jam

    Suzuya’s Strawberry Jam

    Interviewer: We’ll hop right into today’s interview. Did you start selling Strawberry Jam at the shop? Chef Mike: So, yeah, we just started selling our homemade strawberry jam at the shop.  We had all the things from the health department, so we can sell them for grab and go. We make the strawberry jam 100% fresh in-house.…

  • Your new favorite drinks

    Your new favorite drinks

    Interviewer: Do you have any special or new drink menu in 2023? Chef Mike: There is one thing we are kind of working on is prepackaging our Royal Milk, Tea, and Matcha Latte bases so that we can sell them retail or grab-and-go. And we’re just kind of working on getting the packaging. It’s kind of been…