Suzuya Patisserie

Green Tea Millecrepe

This layered cake is dressed to impress. Layers upon layers of thin crepes, matcha cream, and just the right amount of Anko will have everyone asking for more.

Japanese bakery in Las Vegas

Green tea and anko (red bean) are the kings of Japanese sweets. A classic combination seen in every Japanese patisserie. This complex cake is made of sixteen layers of crepes, matcha cream and red bean cream spread throughout the cake. Each crepe is masterfully made by our talented crepe chefs. You and your guests will find the texture of the crepes combined with the sweetness of the red bean perfectly balances the slight bitterness of the matcha cream.

We do not use any artificial preservatives so please enjoy as soon as possible.

Available Sizes

8” Round

Made with the following:

Alcohol: No
Dairy: Yes
Eggs: Yes
Nuts: Yes
Wheat: Yes