Suzuya Patisserie

Coconut Chiffon Cake

This delicately soft chiffon cake is layered with coconut custard cream and covered with Chantilly cream and coconut flakes. You and your guests will be transported to Hawaii with every wonderful bite.

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Each one of our cakes has a story behind it. This cake was one of the emotional recipes that helped Chef Misuzu keep going and showed her how wonderful it is to make customers truly happy with her delicious creations. This cake recipe was created by one of Chef Misuzu’s customers before SUZUYA opened. Chef was making Japanese cakes by request for her friends, family and friends of friends for fun and to pursue her opening a pastry shop one day. One particular customer requested a fluffy coconut cake that would remind her of one that she would get in Hawaii. Chef Misuzu asked for her to detail what the texture was like and how it looked because she had never seen or tasted one before. And that’s how the Coconut Chiffon Cake was created.

This cake is also the Chef’s 94 years old grandma’s favorite! She asks for it for her birthday every year!

We do not use any artificial preservatives so please enjoy as soon as possible.

Available Sizes

4” Round
8” Round

Made with the following:

Alcohol: Yes
Dairy: Yes
Eggs: Yes
Nuts: No
Wheat: Yes