Interviewer: Spooky time is coming soon! Do you have Halloween special menus? If so, what kind of menu are they? And When will they be available?  Chef Mike: Halloween special menus. We're working on the Goma cream puff and the ghost mochi. We had a couple

Interviewer: Why is it called “Purin” in Suzuya?  Chef Mike: It's more just the Japanese pronunciation. Japanese people call pudding “Purin.”  Interviewer: Please let us know this item's features or recommended points.  Chef Mike: The custard pudding, we make it with vegetarian hen eggs, kind of high-quality eggs.

October 2022 marks Suzuya Patisserie’s 10th Anniversary. I am incredibly proud of what Chef Misuzu and Chef Mike have accomplished over the past decade. I’ve spent the past six years working alongside them as they’ve transformed Suzuya from an up-and-coming bakery shop to a fixture

Interviewer: What is the difference between Suzuya’s custard pudding and American custard pudding?  Chef Mike: So, Suzuya’s custard pudding is a little bit softer. There isn’t really an American custard pudding. Most custard puddings come from France or Spanish things, which are generally a lot sweeter

Interviewer: What kind of desserts and cakes are you planning on selling for Thanksgiving this year?  Chef Mike: This year, for the holidays, we still offer our regular cakes for pre-orders. We do have special pies for Thanksgiving. We do have Fuji Apple pies and Kabocha