Interviewer: In Today's interview we are gonna talk about the fruits and rare cheesecake. Please tell us all about it! Chef Mike: We used to do a version of it before and we had on the menu just blueberry rare cheesecake,  but we took it off

Interviewer: Tell us about Mother’s day and the cakes that you have! Chef Mike: The Heart Tokyo Cheesecake is much like our regular Tokyo Cheesecake, and the garnish has strawberry cream with shiny red heart chocolate and sprinkles on the top.  The white chocolate on the

Interviewer: What are the best sellers at Suzuya pastries and what do you see as a trend in terms of Las Vegas residents?  What do they tend to like compared to other populations? Chef Mike: The best-selling dessert at Suzuya is a Strawberry shortcake and it became