Employee of the year - Perfect Attendance/Best Barista 2021 Interviewer: What is your favorite thing about working here at Suzuya?Staff: My coworkers are definitely my favorite thing about working at SUZUYA, aside from the fact that I have the opportunity to get to know many

Employee of the year - Most improved 2021 Interviewer: What is your favorite Suzuya cake?Staff: My favorite cake at Suzuka is the chocolate cake! In general, I love very decadent chocolate cake, here it’s very light but still good. It’s also my favorite cake to

If we could describe our Tokyo Cheesecake in just a few words, we would say it is exciting, yet simple. Customers say that they even sometimes favor it more than Strawberry Shortcake because of the beauty behind its simplicity. We bake the cake in such

Interviewer: what new things can we expect for 2022? Chef Misuzu: Currently, we are working on Valentine's day special. We are thinking about updating the Green tea log cake. We also have a shelf that we already built at the store, and we are going to